The Kiln

September 22, 2016

We delivered a check of $9000 to Ravenswood City School District to purchase the kiln and accessories!

Delivering the check! From left to right: Benjamin Owens, Bryan Owens, Ms. Lorena Morales-Ellis (assistant superintendent) and Dr. Gloria Hernandez-Goff (superintendent).

Top row: Ms. Morales-Ellis, Arthur Ji, Benjamin Owens, Bryan Owens, Andrew Zhao, Dr. Hernandez. Bottom Row: Oliver Ye, Brandon Fu, Jason Yang.

Other Silicon Valley Youth teachers who are not in these photos: Jeffrey Tian, Alvin Tian, Samuel Yang, Andrew Zhou, and Tony Jiang.

September 13, 2016

After a string of email exchanges with Clay-King, Benjamin successfully negotiated the purchase price of the kiln and its accessories from $10,424 down to $8702.45. Now we not only have enough funds to buy the whole set, we can also donate a few hundreds extra to help with upgrading the art room.

June 3rd, 2016

Bryan Owens and Benjamin Owens met with Dr. Hernandez-Goff, the superintendent of Ravenswood City School District, and Ms. Lorena Morales-Ellis, the Assistant Superintendent, to find out how they could help. Dr. Hernandez-Goff told them that the students and art teachers in the district had been wanting a kiln for over two years. With this kiln, the school could open a ceramics class, which would be a great step to opening up arts education for students of the Ravenswood City School District.

This is the kiln the East Palo Alto kids would like to have for their art class. In total the kiln and its accessories costs $10,424.